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AJ Nutrition was born after 5 years of Manufacturing, research and development in the food/health supplement industry.

A family run business that focuses on high quality and effective dosing of its product to give the consumer flexibility in their individual dosage regime. The products are produced with the personal touch you only get from advocated and committed users of the products. Yes, we try and trial our products with others before launching them.

All our products are Vegan friendly, filler and binding agent free, and sourced from sustainable suppliers. “Mega doses” is not our thing, as it limits user choice. Some people need less some people need more.

Wholesale Opportunities

We welcome enquiries from independent retailers to stock our products from AJ Nutrition or our sister company connected to this website. Starting from low MOQ’s.
Call: 0330 113 7756
AJ Nutrition cannot and will not make medicinal claims over any of its Food Supplement, as this is not permitted in the UK. Please be wary of any company that makes overt claims. Do your own research for your chosen product and your particular needs. A quick google or search on YouTube should provide the answers you are looking for. There is plenty on clinical studies and/or experts explaining the study findings. We have added a few short clips to point you in the right direction. Netflix “Fantastic Fungi” is well worth a watch into the crazy world of mushrooms. Always consult a trained medical professional before using any dietary supplement, especially if you are currently on medication, have underlying health conditions and pregnant or breast feeding.