Vegan / Vegetarian Vitamin D3


Don’t feel S.A.D. (Seasonal affective disorder) this year!

Our Vitamin D3 is of 100% plant origin, produced from algae it is chemically identical to animal origin supplements however it is completely natural with no residual contaminants and absolutely no pesticides. Our product offers 100% traceable and sustainable supply chain.

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Product Information

Vitamin D3 is superior as a supplement to Vitamin D2 as it is shown in a study to be 87% more potent in maintaining and raising essential serum. This means it is 2- to 3-fold greater storage of Vitamin D than the equivalent D2. Everyone regardless of age, gender or lifestyle needs Vitamin D3 for good health and deficiency can lead to weakened immunity and bone health issues. Vitamin D3 is essential for good health and wellbeing benefits including strong bones and teeth and providing support for immune and muscle health.

Most people in the UK can not get enough D3 from sunlight especially between the months of October through March and this means supplementation may be required to increase the bodies Vitamin D levels. Studies have shown more than 50% of the general population are deficient and this can be even higher in some cases such as the older population, vegans and vegetarians, high SPF sunblock users or those who are housebound.

Dosage Information
2,000μ international units per spray
240,000μ international units per bottle


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