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What is CBD, and why has the market for CBD oil become so popular in the UK?

29th December 2018.

What is CBD, and why has the market for CBD oil become so popular in the UK?

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years. In fact, it was a common form of medicine here in the UK, and it’s even said to have been given to Queen Victoria to help her to cope with period pains. However, now that CBD supplements have been made legal in the UK, there’s still a lot of questions about the cannabis derivative, so Prime CBD, a leading CBD supplement brand, have decided to explain what CBD is, and why it’s so popular amongst Brits.

As one of the most talked about narcotics here in the UK, the thought of cannabis-derived products may come as a shock to some. However, the US are well ahead of us, and many American wellness brands are making claims that their ‘infusions’ can revolutionise the way certain problems are treated; from better sleep, less stress, and the relief of joint pain, to acne treatment and a cure for psoriasis. Here in the UK, it’s still illegal to make any claims of wonder and awe, but the proof is in the purchasing, as they say, and Prime CBD have seen a huge up-turn in the way people are experimenting with CBD products.

Jack Dodd, accounts manager at Prime CBD said, “We’re thrilled that our products have been such a hit with our customers. The supplement industry has definitely seen a boom when it comes to cannabis infused products, and it’s great to see the market changing every day. As people become more aware of CBD products, the stigmas associated with cannabis are changing too. It’s all about education – our products wont get you high – that’s not what CBD is. Our repeat customers are a testament to how well received our CBD products are, and we’ve been able to upscale our business model to include a subscription service, thanks to our product’s success. We’re excited to see where 2019 will take us, and the CBD industry”.

So, what is CBD? CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is one of over 80 compounds called ‘cannabinoids’, which can be extracted from the cannabis sativa plant we all know and recognise. The most ‘well known’ extracts are CBD, which do not create a ‘high’, and THC, which does. CBD is the only extract that can legally be sold in the UK, and cannabis is still very much illegal. Whilst it may sound quite confusing, if Brits are unsure about where to get their hands on some of the plant’s claimed benefits, Prime CBD are urging people to buy from trusted suppliers and there’ll be no risk of breaking the law.

CBD brands can not legally claim that their products have any health benefits, or claim to cure any sort of ailment, so the popularity of CBD supplements isn’t one that’s born from advertising. It could be put that down to the fact that the benefits of cannabis, and it’s potential for legalisation, have been so hotly and publically debated for centuries, and the arrival of a legal substitute without the high may have something to do with its almost instant popularity. It’s a natural supplement too, which Brits are finally beginning to indulge in as an important part of self-care.

Attitudes to cannabis have changed over the past year, and it is high time that they did. Thanks to the fast-evolving industry, Brits are now able to purchase CBD supplements in many different forms. With supplements containing CBD now able to be purchased in the UK, and an increased interest from the Great British public, Prime CBD have also seen success in their skincare and beauty products, alongside their oils, e-juices, capsules, and sprays.

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