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We've Teamed up With Emporium Gym - Birmingham

5th April 2019.

We’re pleased to announce that Birmingham’s Emporium Gym is bucking the trend when it comes to CBD oil with the announcement that they’ll be stocking a range of our amazing products!

CBD oil is everywhere in the UK right now, and even with its links to cannabis, a class B drug, CBD oil is becoming ever popular in the mainstream thanks to its legalisation. CBD oil is not habit-forming and doesn’t get you ‘high’ – but there are many claims out there that state it is a wonder-oil that has a myriad of helpful effects. We sell our products as food supplements, and state that they can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is why the Birmingham gym business has taken their products in-house to offer to their clientele.

Warren Dyson, owner of Emporium Gym Birmingham said, “We chose to stock Prime CBD products and CBD oil after my own experience with a long-term shoulder injury when nothing had worked until I sought out the advice of the team and tried CBD oil for the first time. I was so impressed with the knowledge of the Prime CBD team, their ethics of selling, promotion of their food supplement, and their full Cannabis Trade Association compliance, which guarantees that we will be able to offer the highest quality products to our customers. I’m excited to be working with their team to help educate and spread a positive message of health and wellbeing to all of our members”.

Using CBD oil and supplements is said to promote muscle growth and to aid in the recovery of exercise-related injuries such as inflammation, but, as it is so new to the UK market, studies still need to be published on the exact benefits of CBD oil before brands can boast about the positive effects of CBD oil can have on the body.
Jarad Morris, Product Manager at Prime CBD concluded, “Emporium Gym are renowned all over the world for accommodating some of the best athletes in the world. We are very excited to be working alongside them to offer a CBD oil product range that we believe sits alongside the quality of the gym and the athletes who use it on a regular basis”.

The collaboration between Prime CBD and Emporium Gym will see CBD oils, sprays, capsules, balms and e-liquid become readily available to members this month.

To find out more about Emporium Gym, visit their Facebook page here:

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