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Is it safe to travel with CBD?

22nd July 2019.

Travelling by plane in Europe? Things you should know before packing your CBD and tips for travelling with CBD in Europe.

Is it legal? Will I get arrested? Can I travel with it in my hand luggage?

Those are a few questions that spring to mind with an upcoming trip or holiday. Uncertainty around regulations may result in individuals choosing to leave it at home, but do we need to?

Well, it depends.

It’s legal in the U.K but you need to ensure it’s acceptable in the country you’re travelling to. The European Union allows legally grown hemp as long as the THC content doesn’t exceed 0.2%.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t change much and each nation within the EU has its own legal policies.

When you buy CBD in the U.K, it will have a THC content of 0.3% or lower. Based on this legality, where in Europe should you be able to take CBD?

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Of course, there’s a few missing from this list. That's because it is a grey area, it’s either illegal or requires a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist. For example, both Germany and Portugal.

Tips when taking CBD on a plane:

Research your destination

Take a quick search on the internet to understand their regulations around CBD. If you’re struggling to find information or are still unsure, reach out to local customs. As each destination has different rules, do the research beforehand. By educating yourself, you'll be able to make an informed decision on if you can take it away. Don’t forget to check the countries you might stop in, if you’ve got a trip that has layoffs check the legalities in that country.

Check your product

Before even purchasing your CBD product review the ingredients and THC content. You can do this by taking a look at lab reports and product descriptions. It may be beneficial to have these readily available when travelling through airports should you need to verify what's in the product.

Don’t pack it in your case

Keep it under 100ml and put it in your carry-on. Now, this might sound strange. You’ll probably assume that you’ll be more likely to get away with it should it be in a packed bag? It's a higher risk. However, by putting it in your hand luggage you can put it with other clear liquids and should it be questioned, you'll be able to discuss.

In the coming years as CBD continues to rise in popularity, we may see regulations changed - so you can take it abroad risk-free.

However, until then make sure you’ve done the research and know the legalities in your destination country. If you’re interested in trying a new CBD product, explore our range of Sprays, Capsules, Skincare or E-Liquid.

Disclaimer: Prime CBD are not encouraging to take CBD without ensuring it’s legal in all countries within your trip.

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