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Depression at Christmas; how to survive the not-so-wonderful time of the year

5th April 2019.

Whilst most people may seem to embrace Christmas cheer as they prepare for the festive season, there’s no ignoring that for those who suffer with depression, the expectations, family demands, financial concerns, and pressure to ‘be happy’ at this time of year is one that can cause an extreme amount of stress, anxiety, and dark thoughts. However, we’ve teamed up with Tamworth based charity, Changes Tamworth, to offer our advice to the British public about ways to deal with depression during the holidays.

Last year over 6,000 people in the UK committed suicide – that’s a life lost every 90 minutes. Changes Tamworth are a charity who offer free-to-access, friendly and structured recovery routes through mental distress and depression, and is run by, and for, those who have had the first-hand experience of mental distress.

Yvonne Street from Changes Tamworth said, “December and January can be some of the hardest times of the year when you’re suffering from mental distress. Whilst it can affect people all year round, extra pressures are put on us all at this time of year. We hope that people will find our tips helpful and remember to reach out to someone if they are really struggling to get through”.

Here are Prime CBD and Changes Tamworth’s tips for surviving depression during the festive period:
Avoid hitting the high-street
“If all of the false festive cheer is a trigger for you, make your life simpler by avoiding the high-street. With the sensory overload, crowds, and noise, it can be really damaging, especially if you’ve worked yourself up to make the trip out into the masses at this time of year. Think about giving gift cards, which can be easily purchased at your local supermarket, or do your shopping online. You can even get great experiences online as gifts, which often make the most meaningful presents – and you’re free to shop around, stress-free, for the best deals”.

Simplify the festive season
“A simpler Christmas will be far more emotionally fulfilling. If it’s your turn to host Christmas dinner, swap with someone else, and let them know that you can’t do it at your home this year. If you’re expected to bring food with you, buy it instead of making it. Consider scaling back your decorating and opt for simple yet meaningful items on a mini tree. Avoid things that will take your time and energy – a big, fancy Christmas can be had once you’re feeling up to it. Don’t ever be afraid to say ‘no’.”

Don’t beat yourself up
“Even people who aren’t depressed find the festive season stressful and overwhelming. Some people love Christmas, and all of the demands, emotions, and social commitments it brings, and many people don’t. Your feelings are valid and are part of your depression. You’re not a bad person, and it’s not your fault. You’re trying your best, and that’s all that any of us can do”.

Know that alcohol is a trigger
“Alcohol is a depressant and, whilst it’s very much ‘free-flowing’ at this time of year, its best to avoid it. It may numb the pain for a short amount of time, but the reality is that it can make you feel worse in the long run”.

Ensure you’re getting the vitamins you need
“With all of the festive ‘party food’ surrounding us at this time of year, not to mention the lack of sunlight here in the UK, it can be quite difficult for us to ensure we’re getting the right vitamins that both our body AND brain need to function efficiently. Some vitamins that can help with healthy mental health are:
– B vitamins – essential for regulating serotonin levels and can be found in spinach, broccoli, turnips, meat, milk and eggs
– Selenium – fights inflammation, and supports healthy cognitive function and can be found in brazil nuts (you only need around two nuts to reach daily requirements of 200mg a day!)
– Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin linked directly to depression and other mental illnesses. You can buy vitamin D supplements in many different shops and supermarkets”.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself
“Stop worrying about other people understanding you. Get in touch with yourself instead. Focus on what makes you happy, and what makes you feel at peace with yourself. You are your biggest commitment, so now is a great time to start loving your flaws, your awkwardness, your quirks, and your vulnerability. Your life will feel far more fulfilling when you simply allow yourself to be you”.

We joined forces with Changes Tamworth after noticing that a lot of our customers were purchasing our CBD health supplements in a bid to aid their recovery from mental health issues. Whilst our brand does not state that their CBD supplements can help with depression in any way, there are studies in America that state CBD oil causes receptor 5-HT1A, which releases serotonin into the body, to fire more effectively and increase serotonin production. We are offering people who use the services of Changes Tamworth our products at a discounted rate, and have pledged to give Changes Tamworth a 10% donation of all sales from customers from the charity.

To find out more about Changes Tamworth, visit

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